Our business hours:

Lunch:  M-F         11-  3  PM
Dinner: M-R          5 -  9  PM
Dinner: F             
5 - 10 PM
Saturday:            11 - 10 PM
Sunday:              CLOSED

**We closed for 2 hrs on weekdays from 3 pm  - 5 pm**

*Prices subject to change*

Thai & Vietnamese Cuisine
1224 W Ogden Ave. Suite D
Naperville, IL 60563
Phone: 630.369.4510
Phone: 630.355.7420
Fax: 630.369.5810

Mon - Thurs - last order @ 8:30 pm
Fri & Sat       - last order @ 9:30 pm

~~~To our guests with food sensitives or allergies: Lemon Grass cannot insure that menu items do not contain ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction. Please order with care~~~

Appetizers & Soup Main Course 1 Main Course 2 Lunch Special To_Go Menu


A1. Banh Bao  (Barbeque Bun)
Steamed barbeque pork, onion and rice flour.        
A2. Vegetable Crispy Egg Roll     ( 4 pcs.)                             $5.95
A3. Vietnamese Egg Roll  ( Cha Gio, 2 pcs.)                          $5.95

Pork, crabmeat, dried mushrooms, glass noodle, carrot, onion & waterchestnut.        
A4. Vietnamese Spring Roll  ( Goi Cuon, 2 pcs.)                    $6.95
Shrimp, chicken, bean sprouts, carrots, lettuce, mint & noodle wrapped in rice paper.        
A5. Chives Dumpling (Chives Gyoza, 5 pcs.)                        $6.95
Pan-fried doug filled with chives, pork and shrimp served w/  home made sauce.     
A6. Thai Spring Roll                                                                $6.95
Tofu, bean sprout, cucumber, carrot, cabbage served w/  plum sauce.  
A7. Fried Tofu                                                                        $5.95
Fried fresh tofu served w/ sweet & sour sauce & crushed peanuts.     
A8. Eggplant Tempura                                                            $6.95
Fried breaded eggplant topped w/  sweet & sour sauce.      
A9. Fingerfood  ( Ka Tong Thong, 7 pcs. )                            $6.95
Mini pastry filled w/ lime, ginger, peanuts, cucumber, jalapeno served w/home made sauce.       
A10. Chicken Puff ( Curry Puff, 4 pcs.)                                 $7.95
Chicken, sweet potatoes, onion, curry in a pastry dough served w/ cucumber salad.       
A11. Chicken or Vegetable Pot Sticker ( 6 pcs.)                    $6.95
Chicken or vegetable in thin pastry shell served w/  home made sauce.        
A12. Thai Cheese Sticks ( 6 pcs.)                                          $6.95
Immitation crab & cream cheese in thin crepe served w/ sweet & sour sauce. 
A13. Shrimp Tempura  (3 pcs.)                                               $7.95
Shrimp tempura serve with sweet & sour sauce       
A14. Crab Rangoon ( Toong Thong, 8 pcs. )                         $6.95
Immitation crab & cream cheese wrapped in won ton wrapper.        
A15. Fish Cake  ( Tod Mon Pla, 10 pcs. )                               $6.95
Fried fish mousse blended w/Thai spices served w/ cucumber in a sweet and sour sauce.    
A16. Chicken Satay ( 5 pcs. )                                                $6.95
Chicken, curry, coconut milk, kaffir leaves served w/ peanut sauce & cucumber salad.        
A17. Seafood Shu Mai  ( 7 pcs. )                                           $5.95
Steamed Shu Mai topped with fried garlic served w/ home made sauce.      
A18. Shrimp Cigar     ( 8 pcs. )                                               $7.95
Shrimp, celery & basil leaves in eggroll wrapper served w/ sweet & sour sauce. 
A19. Crab Cake ( 2 patties)                                                    $7.95
Immitation crab, bell pepper, onion & all purpose flour.
Lemon Grass Platters  ( 12 pcs. )                                          
P1 : Thai cheese stick, Chicken satay, Thai spring roll & Chives dumpling ( 3 pcs./each )    $12.95
P2 :  Pot sticker, Seafood shu mai, Fish cake & Crab rangoon                   ( 3 pcs./each )    $10.95
Soup  (Hot & Spicy upon request)   
Chicken/Vegetable & Tofu                     Small   $3.95        Large   $8.95 
Shrimp (sm +$2, lg +$4) / Seafood (sm +$3, lg +$6)                                 

So1. Tom Kha
A savory broth of coconut milk spiced w/ lemongrass, galanga, chili paste, lime juice, mushrooms, onion, tomato, coconut meat &  topped w/ cilantro.
So2. Tom Yum
A savory broth of coconut milk spiced w/ lemongrass, galanga, chili paste, lime juice, mushrooms, onion, tomato  &  topped w/ cilantro.
So3. Tofu Soup
Vermicelli  (glass) noodle, tofu, green onioin & cilantro.
So4. Won Ton Soup
Pork & shrimp in chicken broth topped w/ green onion & cilantro.
So5. Miso Soup
Seaweed, tofu & green onion in miso broth.

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